There is much more to automotive glass than meets the eye. This is precisely why GrandmarkTM Glass and Altavista products are made to the highest specifications, in one of the world’s best factories.

Your vehicle’s windscreen and side glass are safety-critical components and are as important to occupant safety as ABS brakes, airbags and safety belts. Glass must be strong enough to withstand potentially dangerous impacts and strengthens the roof frame for optimum rollover protection. At Greg’s Motor Spares we do not compromise on quality and we source only from those suppliers who upholds the highest manufacturing standards. Xinyi Automotive products are manufactured using world-class tempering furnaces and cutting tables, and with premium raw materials.

Our Glass Brands

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We Stock These Automotive Glass Parts

  • Cab Sliders
  • Complete Side Frames
  • Door Glass
  • Quarter Glass
  • Rear Windscreen
  • Vent Glass
  • Windscreens
  • Windscreen Mouldings

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